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Carla Wiersema. Change Mentor

Hi. I’m Carla, and I’ve made a lot of changes. The biggies. I’ve had 8 careers, 4 serious intimate relationships, and have lived in 4 different cities.

Each new career, life partner, and city required tremendous amounts of healing, self compassion, and risk taking. I had to learn to trust myself when I had no idea what the outcome would be. I had to learn to respect myself when I wasn't sure if I should. I had to learn to forgive myself when I wasn't sure I was worthy of it. I had to know that I wasn't crazy for choosing something different than everyone else.


And I know one thing for sure. I don't regret any of the changes that I made. 

 I've danced with my vision board to Pink's Beautiful Trauma to get through a break up, and I've went from being a hermit, feeling trapped in my own life, to going out to bars solo, joining running clubs, and finding my true community.


I’ve spent years discovering what works and what doesn’t work and I am here to guide you through your change.

It will inevitably be different than mine. 

I will be an ally for you. To hold your hand. To hold your heart.


Until  reach the other side, which inevitably you will. 

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