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Are you in the right place, with the right person, doing the right thing

I coach women that are asking themselves one or all of these questions.

The truth about change is that it's not easy. You do it based solely on the feeling that something isn't right. And you believe that it can be right. That there is a better future for you if you trust that feeling.


It means overcoming the fear of what your family will think, what your friends will think, and what you'll do next.

During your transition, you’ll be experimenting, discovering new things about yourself, recreating your identity and celebrating the fun that comes with this type of freedom.


You'll learn what tools will help you to become your potential. 

You'll also experience sadness, grief, and tremendous loss. 

You'll learn how to feel this so you can heal from this.


And, most likely, you'll experience adventures and surprises that lead you to a person, place, or thing better than the one you thought you were seeking.

Want to ask me questions to check if change coaching is the right thing for you? Click the button below, and we'll talk.


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